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Our Preschool class provides exciting learning opportunities that nurture cognitive, social-emotional, physical and creative development. Pre-Kindergarten teachers help your child build confidence as well as curiosity to foster the skills needed for a happy and rewarding future. Our Kindergarteners are prepared for success in elementary school from a balance of academic and social development, physical well-being and creative expression.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".  - Nelson Mandela
Aurora Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

ESTEMI is passionate about the concept of the “Whole Child”. We strive daily to cultivate independent thinking as well as respect and acceptance of differences and empathy for all. Through small and large group interactions, ESTEMI eagles play, learn and come to appreciate one another.

Aurora Scientific Exploration

Scientific Exploration

The children of ESTEMI are the future scientists, engineers, doctors, researchers, etc. of the world. How do we know? We create and experience the love for science through daily age-appropriate fun science explorations by using scientific processes of hypothesizing, investigating, creating, reflecting, making changes and recreating while we play.

Aurora Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development

We nurture and sustain our kids’ interest in reading, writing, and counting while encouraging the recognition of shapes and colors with the objective of developing critical thinking skills, problem-solving instincts, and self-regulation for greater focus and attention span.

Aurora Math Exploration

Math Exploration

Mathematics is a specific way of thinking and all kids of all cultures do this quite naturally. Through counting and recognition of shapes, ESTEMI eagles are encouraged daily to explore the abstractions of math to grow our math capacities and capabilities.

Aurora Literacy Development

Literacy Development

ESTEMI eagles are urged and guided to communicate needs and wants in a both age and socially appropriate way. By means of effective communication strategies, vocabulary exploration, writing skills, daily story reading on general and specific knowledge acquisition this goal is accomplished.

Aurora Physical Development

Physical Development

At ESTEMI, our eagles are given support to engage in fine and gross motor activities as we endeavor to promote hand and eye coordination and balance. We believe a well-rested and nourished child can sustain the energy level requirements for our indoor and outdoor activities.

Aurora Socio-Emotional Development

Socio-Emotional Development

As ESTEMI Kids play and learn, they explore curiosity, respect and how accommodate each other needs, recognize and appreciate authority to enable us to develop our executive functions: positive behavior, building and sustaining productive social relationships, nurturing self-confidence, self-esteem and the empathy to engage in self-expression.

Aurora Sensory Exploration

Sensory Exploration

Through diverse sensory play activities, ESTEMI eagles navigate the senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. These strategic activities facilitate exploration and stimulation of the senses.

Aurora Global Perspective

Global Perspective

Research over the years has given the credence to the importance of global perspectives and environmental influences in early cognitive and social development. At ESTEMI, kids are pushed to champion their respective interdependent and Interconnectedness on each other by appreciating one another’s uniqueness and the richness of the benefit of each other’s differences.